I was on the edge of my seat in the weeks leading up to this wedding! With changing regulations pertaining to covid 19 there was never a dull moment in the planning stages. At the last minute in response to limited numbers the venue switched from Fallon & Byrne to the most elegant 25 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, with an intimate 25 guests. 
I met with Michael and Teresa a couple of days before the wedding once the final, final plans had been laid to have a scout around, warm them up to the camera, and to chalk off a few nice, natural frames before the commotion of the wedding with all the guests, locations and precision timing!
Come wedding day I arrived first at Michael's apartment to watch order emerge from chaos as 5 strappy boys  scrambled to transform into fine young gentlemen! The guys are all good friends of mine as it happens!
Mind the rings there Anthony!
Mind the rings there Anthony!
Off the bus I ran up to join Teresa in the bridal suite for her getting ready!
A strut down Lord Edward Street towards City Hall Dublin

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